Wednesday, April 6, 2011

ASL: A Common Foreign Language Course Option?

American Sign Language (ASL) is a great way to broaden the minds of our high school students across the nation.  Not only would they be enlightened about deaf culture & communication, but it would also expose them to the career advantages that are available.  With such a large number of deaf or hard of hearing individuals in America, there is a need for more professionals that are fluent in ASL (hearing & deaf).  It has been said, "its easier to train the mind of a child than the mind of an adult." - its true.  As children are exposed to more variety of opportunities then learn to use the basic skills of their interests - the more knowledgeable and passionate they can be when choosing a career path. 

Take a look at this article by Nikki Reynen:
Teen Talk: Bridging Communication Gap...

It's insightful to see other young people interested in ASL, the challenge they can face, and the benefits of learning it. 

If you're interested in ASL, take a class -- try it out!  It's challenging but fun!

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