Friday, April 15, 2011

Captioning in Healthcare

Our health is a vital aspect of our lives where we rely heavily on communication to understand.  A simple thing like an informative video with captioning on a hospital's website can make a HUGE difference because it grants the deaf community access to the same important information that hearing people have. -- This site allows for subtitles in any language to be added to videos -- More companies, hospitals, and organizations should use this site!   

Example: Piedmont Healthcare in Atlanta

 "If Piedmont in Atlanta can do this, with the help of, then why not all major medical centers – no reason at all."  -- CCAC


  1. I did not know about this. That is awesome! Thaks for sharing.

  2. Hi! Did we both post this on the same day? Good minds think alike :-). And also sending thanks for your mention of CCAC.
    Best wishes,
    Lauren/CCAC - we welcome new members all the time, and free; all volunteers.

  3. Yes, we did & you're welcome! We definitely need more captioning on videos online! So the more the word spreads about, the better!