Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Vacationing Tips for Deaf/HOH

As you all know, summer is right around the corner.  What are your plans for the summer?   Will there be accommodations available for you if needed?  Sometimes it is hard to find that perfect balance of fun for your family if someone or the entire family is deaf or hard of hearing.  Here are a few ideas & tips for the deaf when vacationing this summer:
  • Instead of going on a regular planned cruise trip, try a deaf cruise?
  • Inform your travel agency or hotel that you are deaf so they can ensure that your needs are met. Ex: TV in your hotel room should have captions or if you're going on a tour, request an interpreter.
  • If you're going to a water park, it may be wise to get a waterproof Otterbox to protect your hearing aids, cochlear implants, cellphones, & other electronic devices.  They come in different sizes and colors. 
  • When visiting theme parks, plan your days out and call to see what accommodations are available to you.  Some parks have scripts you can read while enjoying their attractions. Ex: If you're going to Disney - be sure to get a hand held captioning device: 
If you try it out, come back and give us a report! =)

Check out GREAT DEAF VACATIONS, they have more info on vacations that are deaf-friendly! 

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