Monday, April 4, 2011

Introducing Silent Echo of Harmony Inc

A Message from Founder: 
Welcome!  I'm excited to introduce you to Silent Echo of Harmony Inc, and this blog: The Echo Chamber gives you an ear to its voice! 
Silent Echo of Harmony came to life when I realized that the “hearing” world I knew as a young deaf girl was different from the “silent” world of the deaf individuals that I met as an adult.  I lived most of my life in a hearing environment, reading lips (I didn’t know ASL), in a mainstream education system, with hearing parents, children, and friends – and for some strange reason, I never met and had a real “deaf” friend.  Now that I’m an adult, and I’ve started exploring the deaf community – I see the different struggles that I had throughout my life much clearer.  The deaf community has created its own world, and it is sometimes not properly acknowledged by hearing people.  The law requires for certain things to be recognized when considering bare-necessity situations (ex: equal rights, accessibility, jobs, and resources) but in certain settings it can be difficult to recognize problems yet solve problems when there is a huge communication gap and little support.  I believe in the independence and self support of the deaf community, but I also see value in having hearing supporters with a sense of unity & harmony for good.
 I came to terms to start a communication and social evolution between hearing and deaf communities when I got frustrated after not being able to enjoy a newly released theater movie with my hearing fiancée (husband now) or children because a particular movie didn’t show captions at all or wouldn’t for another 2 or 3 weeks.  I love the theater, so I was highly upset.   I’ve also realized that a lot of hearing people don’t really know how to interact with deaf individuals or don’t understand them – so it leads to frustration for those who want the best of both worlds.  The vision for this organization is for the hearing and deaf communities to gather together for events or just simply being one another’s company without the social phobias because of the lack of support for the deaf community.  My experiences, thoughts, frustrations, and desires for a better social experience led to the birth of Silent Echo of Harmony with hope that we all can understand one another better while improving the quality of communication for the deaf and hard of hearing community. 
Hear us in this SILENT deaf world as our voice ECHOs with a desire for HARMONY to blend us as one.......
Please join us, subscribe, donate, spread the word, or learn a bit of ASL -- Support SEOH and our deaf community!  And those that already have -- THANK YOU! 


Laketa Mann

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