Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Captions? No captions? Headphones? Captioning devices? What are your movie-going preferences???

Some movie theaters have all or some of these accommodations for the deaf: Captioning on Screen
Rear Window Captioning
Headphone with Volume Adjustments

One of the major issues with rear window captioning is the positioning of the screen.  Other than that, most people have had great experiences with this device.  However, there are many other stories about the embarrassment of having to carry the cup holder designed device to the theater yourself, how complicated it was to get a good reflexion, and etc...  What are your thoughts on rear window captioning?   Silent Echo of Harmony wants to know because one of our major concerns is the lack of deaf support in theaters.  We want to help create a voice for the deaf community concerning accommodations and deaf communications technology.  Silent Echo of Harmony would like to help with providing captioning & accommodations for movies, events, and attractions -- we want it to be with both hearing AND deaf in mind so we can enjoy the events TOGETHER in Harmony =).  As far as movies are concerned: it's the PERFECT experience for the deaf when captioning is on the screen during a movie.... but where do we compromise with those who don't like captioning on the screen?  Headphones aren't the best choice considering there are a great number of of deaf/HOH that can hear sounds with or without hearing aids and still not understand the sounds or dialogue that is heard.  Or would you prefer a hand held device?  Some would argue that too many moments in a movie can be missed from glancing back and forth from the screen and device which would label rear window captioning as the best device for movies thus far.  

Here is more information on a company that creates rear window captioning: MoPix  What we love about it is: not only does it accommodate for Deaf/HOH with Rear Window Captioning but the same system with a few minor additions can accommodate the Blind with DVS Theatrical (Descriptive Video Service). 

Want to see a movie with rear window captioning?  Go to: Captionfish and look for movies in your area.
Then come back to tell us about your experience!  Those who have already tried it -- we would love to hear your stories too!


  1. I prefer open captioning or subtitles. I tried the rear window captioning and did not like it. It did not even work! I don't like headphones--because I wonder how often they clean those things. I don't like the idea of sharing headphones with strangers.

  2. (e, did they teach you how to use the rear window captioning device? If it didn't work, I hope you asked for your money back. Every time I went, it worked fine for me -- I think seating plays a big factor in how easy it is to get the reflection on the screen. However, I agree with you - open captioning is the best of course! Maybe, just maybe... we'll see a day when open captioning is mandatory in public theaters!?! =)